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The Necessity for Forensic Engineering

The Necessity for Forensic Engineering

The Necessity for Forensic Engineering

The Necessity for Forensic Engineering


A J Smith & Associates is a medium size Consulting Engineering Practice formed in Hillcrest in 1991.

Whilst undertaking a wide variety of general Engineering Projects both large and small the practice is rooted in the specialist Project Management, Structural and Forensic Investigation spheres.

A wide range of failures have been investigated on behalf of interested parties including ECSA, DOL, Insurance and Industrial Companies.

The provision of Adjudication and Expert Witness services has become a significant facet of the consultancy.

The Practice over many years has adopted a positive, pro-active approach in designing solutions tailored to fulfil a client’s requirements.

This Practice together with its Associates, in a variety of engineering and process disciplines, are able to draw on a wealth of diverse experience and focus this onto quality solutions to the problems at hand.

These individuals are fully supported by the latest computational techniques by way of computer aided drafting and design.

Investment in such Technology is essential in fulfilling the ever-increasing demands of the market place.


Through this Practice and associated companies, we offer a full range of Project Management, Civil & Structural Consulting, Building Design & Management services.  Whether you require all or a portion of our services we are able to tailor a package to suit you.


  • Forensic Structural Investigation
  • Expert Witness
  • Adjudication
  • Mediation
  • Risk Mitigation for Environmental Projects
  • Contract Documentation


For Industrial and Building Projects

  • Scheme Definition
  • Preliminary financial studies
  • Feasibility proposals
  • Consulting Team Composition
  • Planning – using the very latest management techniques
  • Monitoring & control of Project costs
  • Report Compilation


  • Preliminary Site Studies
  • Feasibility Proposals
  • Specialist Finite Element Analysis
  • Concrete Design & Detailing
  • Structural Steelwork Design
  • Post Tension Design
  • Drainage
  • Water Services
  • Retaining Walls
  • Reservoirs
  • Site Supervision
  • Contract Administration
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Production of submission plans


The value system that has been adopted, and is being applied by this Practice, is a blend of the best of the old style ‘Brass plate’ consulting with the awareness and fiscal acumen of the commercial managing contractor.

Whilst quality Project Management & Engineering remains a prerequisite for a lasting quality building/project, it is essential to complement this with an ability to complete on time and within budget.

It is noted that this commitment to Quality Projects has led to two of the three Projects being not only accepted for the prestigious Concrete Society Fulton & Steel Institute Awards, but also receiving Special Commendations, one for “Export” and one for “Design Features”.

The Project Management & Structural design required to relocate Ngagane Power Station boiler 5 to Montana, followed by boiler 4 to Instanbul, has moved the Company and its skills into a further field.  (some 10,000t Steelwork each)

This Multi-disciplinary Project Management and Structural design review, to USA & European codes, successfully met very stringent cost and time constraints.

The Project Management of the implementation of a R200m subterranean contamination remediation project, successfully installed and operational, with its health and public participation elements, has spread and stretched the organisation positively.

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